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Master Craft Copper Coast

Master Craft Copper Coast

As part of its annual Mastercraft Collection, Copper Coast is a collection of rare and outstanding pieces representing the House of Waterford’s most prestigious offering. The elite Master Craftsmen spend years learning their craft with hands-on experience of every intricate aspect of the crystal making process transforming the finest raw materials into crystal works of art.

The inspiration for Copper Coast comes from the rugged Irish coastline that stretches between Tramore and Dungarvan where the copper mining industry thrived in the 19th Century. This beautiful scenic area is a haunting reminder of the past which has now reverted to nature and the pattern reflects the calmness and serenity of the view. The five pieces tie together design elements inspired by the horizon, the movement of the ocean, the minerals from the rocky rugged shore and the man-made Coppermine Tower. Stunningly crafted using skills perfected over decades, the Copper Coast collection also reflects the Irish tradition for bringing people together making everyday moments special with outstanding crystal design.
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Annual Master Craft Copper Coast Hurricane 23cm
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Copper Coast 30.5cm Flared Bowl
#7129046 Back in Stock Soon
Copper Coast 30cm Bowl
#7129048 Back in Stock Soon
Copper Coast 33cm Vase
#7129047 Back in Stock Soon
Copper Coast Tall Slim 41cm Vase
#7129045 Back in Stock Soon

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