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Ardan Tonn

Ardan Tonn

Tonn is the fluid contemporary cutting pattern in this elegantly crafted crystal pitcher, perfect for water and mixers, derived from the Irish word for 'current' and reminiscent of the rolling streams that flow from the mountains to the Wild Atlantic coast of Ireland. Designed for both everyday moments and special occasions, Tonn is one of three patterns in the stylish Ardan collection bringing the captivating power and beauty of Ireland's natural elements into the home.
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Ardan Tonn Decanter
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Ardan Tonn Flute Pair
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Ardan Tonn Pitcher
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Ardan Tonn Tray
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Ardan Tonn Vase 18cm
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Ardan Tonn Vase 23cm
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Ardan Tonn DOF Pair
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Ardan Tonn Wine Pair
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