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Master Craft Powerscourt

Waterford Crystal Master Craftsmen spend years learning the Waterford craft, with hands-on experience in every aspect of the crystal making process transforming the finest raw materials into the world’s most luxurious crystal. These unique skills are often combined with designs drawn from the landscapes and heritage of Southern Ireland.

One such source of inspiration is the Powerscourt Estate Gardens in county Wicklow, an historic house, designed in 1730 by architect Richard Castle which features Palladian architecture and touches of Baroque built around the original medieval castle. Set in 47 acres of beautiful gardens overlooking the iconic Sugarloaf Mountain, it is one of Ireland’s most loved historical homes and Waterford has long been inspired by the Powerscourt spirit, in both crystal and fine china.
Today, it lends its inspiration to the Master Craftsman collection, including one unique piece that celebrates 50 years of the aptly named Master Cutter, Tom Power. Tom worked on the original Powerscourt crystal collection and the gardens and house are favourites of his. Here beautiful landscapes, decorative metalwork and intricate stonework come together in a unique place of inspiration for this stunning collection.
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Powerscourt Bowl 25cm
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Powerscourt Hurricane 23cm
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Powerscourt Rose Bowl 30cm
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Powerscourt Vase 30cm
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Tom Power Statement Vase 36cm
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