about maybe sammy

Sydney’s Maybe Sammy, the first cocktail bar from the owners of Maybe Frank, opened at The Rocks in January 2019. With the collective experience of an award-winning bartending team hand-selected from some of the best bars in the world, Maybe Sammy is here and he’s ready to play.


The Hollywood Regency-meets-Palm Springs design of the venue is reflective of a glam 1950s bar; think classic elegance with a splash of extravagance. The inspiration comes from the roaring fifties, the rebirth of cool, the era where fashion and fun prevailed. A time when The Rat Pack and Hollywood glamour were revered and admired. Maybe Sammy’s signature cocktails are named after some of ‘the boys’ favourite haunts on the Las Vegas strip. These clever cocktails are now made and bottled to create an easy cocktail delivery service to supply their loyal audience, anywhere and anytime.


Maybe Sammy is co-owned by Maybe Frank founders Stefano Catino and Vince Lombardo, as well as Maybe Frank’s Creative Director, Andrea Gualdi, who collaborated with Waterford earlier this year for our ‘Meet the Mixologist’ digital campaign. It’s Gualdi who has taken the lead on the Maybe Sammy cocktail list, and we’re excited to be bringing these to you with another very special collaboration.

About the Cocktails

The Sammy (100ml)

Vodka, Aperol, Vermouth Bianco & Peach Tea.

The Frank (100ml)

Campari, Tequila Blanco, Mezcal, Montenegro, Dry Vermouth.

How to store/serve:

  • Store in the fridge and enjoy in your favourite Waterford glass.
  • Neat or over ice, it’s your choice.
  • Add a zest of citrus or even some bubbles to make it a nice hi-ball.

These cocktails last forever if stored properly. Avoid direct sunlight