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Archive Vases

This collection is a story of the brand history, featuring three of the intricate patterns that make up the active archive of Waterford products: Alana, Irish Lace and Araglin.

Alana, originally created by renowned Waterford designer, Miroslav Havel in 1952, features rich diamond cutting, an unmistakable Waterford hallmark. Like sparkling diamonds, caro cutting emits light in brilliant ways. In Gaelic, Alana is a term of endearment meaning 'Darling' or 'Darling Child'.
Ireland has a long tradition of fine lace making. The Irish lace pattern takes its inspiration from this ancient craft that is still practiced today. It is a classic pattern that features upright wedge cuts and bands of caro cutting. This pattern is a bridge style that transcends traditional Waterford style to a more contemporary look.
Finally, Araglin, inspired by the picturesque Irish town of the same name, was designed by the great Waterford designer Jim O'Leary in 1985 as a "sister pattern" to Lismore. Araglin features a similar style wedge cutting as Irish Lace with bands of beautiful sparking cross cuts. These three patterns might be seen as a "master class" in Waterford design.

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Waterford Crystal Archive Vases Alana Vase 30cm
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Waterford Crystal Archive Vases Araglin Vase 25cm
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Waterford Crystal Archive Vases Irish Lace Vase 30cm
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