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Designer Studio

Each year The House of Waterford Crystal designers are given the opportunity to craft a signature piece, a creation that showcases not only their individual skills but unique vision.
The Designer Studio Collection for 2017 pays homage to Waterford’s homeland, a region known as “Ireland’s Ancient East”. Within this lush green landscape, over 5,000 years of history lie buried within the verdant meadows, bustling towns and rugged stone monuments. Each landmark has its stories to tell, as indeed do the locals, who delight in telling tales that are rich in famous battles and magic rituals. Part of the magic of Ireland is the unique and beautiful flora and fauna that cohabitate the green landscape. The glory of nature provides inspiration to the talented Waterford designers that create the annual collection that they design individually. Using ancient skills, perfected over the centuries, they conjure flowers, birds, butterflies and butter bees. Lovingly handmade, each piece tells a story of this magical land.
The House of Waterford Crystal keeps the art of mouth-blown and hand-cut crystal alive. The designers are proud to celebrate their country, and all of the beauty that nature has provided.

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Waterford Crystal Designer Studio Collection Swallow Bowl 25cm
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Waterford Crystal Designer Studio Collection Wisteria Footed Centrepiece 30cm
#7129323 Pre-Order
Waterford Crystal Designer Studio Collection Butter Bee Vase 35cm
#7129320 Out of Stock