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Elegance Optic

Elegance Optic

The Elegance collection is all about the appreciation of fine wines, champagne and spirits, view the original Elegance collection here. The pure crystalline surrounds the drink, but doesn't overwhelm it. Perfect shapes, a thin easy-to-hold stem, just the right weight and balance, enhance your senses. Wine culture, has always been part of the Waterford story. Waterford, the oldest city in Ireland was a bustling European port since the 18th Century. Once a hub of wine commerce, it makes sense that the best glasses for the appreciation of wine originate in Waterford.

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Elegance Optic Cabernet Sauvignon Pair
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Elegance Optic Carafe
#7069005 In Stock
Elegance Optic Champagne Belle Coupe Pair
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Elegance Optic Classic Champagne Flute Pair
#7069003 In Stock
Elegance Optic Sauvignon Blanc Pair
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