The Irish have long been known for their hospitality and conviviality. Drawing inspiration from the Irish way of life, Waterford is ‘Lighting up the Season’ for Christmas 2018.

The 2018 collections feature Irish-inspired tree decorations showcasing the earliest written form of the Irish language, Ogham, with sentiments of love, peace and joy.
The collection also features stunning cut crystal hurricanes and scented candles to add welcoming and warmth to your home this holiday season.

The inspiration behind the collection was drawn from the old Irish tradition of leaving a candle burning in the window on Christmas Eve.
It is a symbol of hospitality, a signal to any stranger that they are welcome in that home and that none would be turned away.
It is in this spirit of warmth and generosity – true Irish conviviality – that we present our range for 2018.


Waterford Lights Up The Season with hurricane lanterns and filled candles that feature the words
Peace, Love and Joy in both Ogham text and English.

Waterford is proud to partner with Rathborne’s, Ireland’s oldest candlemaker (est. 1488), with a series of filled scented candles featuring the modern classic fragrance “New Dublin”,
featuring fresh citrus, top notes of grapefruit and lime on a warm base of sandalwood, tonka bean and nutmeg.


Annual Ornaments are a timeless Waterford tradition.

Showcase on your tree the oldest Irish language, Ogham, with ornaments featuring the sentiments of Love, Peace and Joy.

Each ornament has a modern white ‘LIGHTING UP THE SEASON’ ribbon, round date tag and crystal bead.
ackaged in a chic grey gift box with a Christmas sleeve, plus selected ornaments are presented in Christmas cracker packaging.


Six new designs of Silver Ornaments are introduced in 2018. Designed to look like precious jewellery for the tree, the new designs include popular themes.

Each ornament has a modern white ‘LIGHTING UP THE SEASON’ ribbon, round date tag and crystal bead.

Packaged in chic grey gift box with dedicated Christmas sleeve.


Waterford Crystal Snowflake Wishes is a series of collectable crystal giftware, in a delightful 10-year series of distinctive ornaments, champagne flutes and tumblers.
Each annual edition of Waterford Snowflake Wishes presents a theme of global aspiration, a wish.
The Snowflake Wishes collection presents a seasonal theme with universal appeal that transcends geographical borders and embraces all cultures.

The eighth edition of the 10 year Snowflake Wishes series features “The Wish For Happiness”.
The colour of the year is Aqua and the snowflake design is the Waterford Araglin pattern, which was designed by Jim O’Leary in the mid 1980’s.
Snowflake Wishes for Happiness celebrates the abundance of happiness, which like any precious gift, never decreases when shared with others.
Aqua Araglin snowflakes adorned with diamond and vertical wedge cuts dance with delight in a salute to universal gladness and contentment.


The 12 Days of Christmas Lismore Edition collection unites two of Waterford’s most enduring patterns – the symbolic iconography of the
Waterford 12 Days of Christmas series and the beloved Lismore pattern – to create a series of exceptionally crafted flutes.

Bringing the series to a close in 2018 are the final four gifts:

• Nine Ladies Dancing

• Ten Lords-a- Leaping

• Eleven Piper’s Piping

• Twelve Drummers Drumming


In 1999, Waterford Crystal created a striking new design for the Times Square Ball to celebrate the new millennium. From 2000 to 2007, Waterford’s “Star of Hope Collection”
exemplified the hope for the realisation of mankind’s global ambitions. Beginning with the 100th Anniversary of the first ball drop in 2008, Waterford created “A World of Celebrations”,
crystal designs added to the ball honouring the many ways the world celebrates the annual ceremony of renewal with symbols of universal understanding, and concluded in 2013 with “Let There Be Peace”.


The Waterford Crystal Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball Greatest Gifts Collection is a distinctive ten year series of crystal ornaments, stemware and giftware sharing the common thread of international generosity.
Each annual edition of the Greatest Gifts series will depict a “Gift” – a theme of global aspiration. Waterford designers create a signature cut crystal design for each edition
which will be incorporated into the Waterford Crystal Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball.

New Year’s Eve 2019 celebrates The Gift of Harmony, the sixth in the ten-year Greatest Gifts series. From individual notes, musicians magically produce beautiful chords.
Like music’s harmonic chords, the gift of harmony seeks the refuge of accord and compatibility amid the discourse of the world for the betterment of all.
This universal message links back directly to Waterford’s theme of conviviality and celebration.

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